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Ndustrial Secures $18.5 Million in Series B Funding Round's Initial Close

Ndustrial, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, has reached a pivotal moment by securing the first close of a $18.5 million Series B funding roundround's. This funding round was spearheaded by prominent industry leaders ABB and GS Energy, with continued support from existing investors like Clean Energy Ventures and ENGIE New Ventures.

The capital infusion is set to propel Ndustrial's growth and enhance its innovative efforts aimed at helping industrial companies optimize energy intensity—the metric evaluating energy, emissions, and cost per unit of production.

Jason Massey, founder and CEO, leads Ndustrial, which offers an AI-driven platform that transforms energy management in the industrial sector. By consolidating production and energy data from various industrial systems, Ndustrial provides real-time insights into energy intensity. Its user-friendly dashboard offers actionable insights, enabling facilities and production lines to make informed decisions, saving global industrial sites over $100 million in energy costs over the past decade.

Ndustrial's platform integrates data from over 60 sources, enabling dynamic load management, optimizing production processes, and supporting next-generation carbon intensity measurement and verification.

Renowned companies like W.L. Gore (makers of GORE-TEX), Novonesis, and US Cold Storage are among Ndustrial's esteemed clientele.

In response to the funding news, Jason Massey expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Ndustrial's production-aware technology empowers industrial leaders to finally wrap their arms around their data in real-time, understand the relationships between production cycles and energy use, report Scope 3 emissions, and take action immediately. ABB and GS Energy are ideal partners to scale our business to help more industrial companies reduce costs and decarbonize faster." With the backing of industry leaders like ABB and GS Energy, Ndustrial is poised to accelerate its mission of driving energy efficiency and sustainability in the industrial sector.


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