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Downing Invited to Construct 12 Solar Installations by Southern Water

Today, Southern Water revealed a collaboration with green energy investor Downing LLP to construct 12 solar PV projects at its sites in Hampshire, Sussex, and Kent to fuel its water treatment operations in the region.

In an agreement, Downing LLP stated that they would invest an estimated £12m over two years to build the solar projects. These projects are predicted to produce 8.4GWh of electricity yearly to help power Southern Water's treatment plants, which is enough to provide energy for nearly 3,000 households in the UK.

The construction and development of solar projects will be overseen by Downing Renewable Developments, with the generated electricity from the sites being taken by Southern Water as long-term agreements, as stated by the companies.

Southern Water's initial stage of its strategy to reach carbon neutrality by 2030 has begun, with the goal of self-producing nearly a quarter of its energy requirements through renewable sources by 2025.

Stuart Ledger, Chief Financial Officer of Southern Water, declared that the company's progress on environmental and turnaround plans was highlighted by the latest step they are taking: investing in solar energy for 12 of their facilities. This will generate green energy onsite, making their treatment plants more sustainable, cost-efficient and resilient for their customers.

Tom Williams, the partner and head of energy and infrastructure at Downing, has declared that this alliance is the third of its type that the firm is embarking on with water utilities in the UK.

He noted with enthusiasm the proactive attitude of industries that expend much energy, such as water treatment and distribution, to reduce their carbon output. As a certified B Corporation, Downing is proud to be engaged in this venture - another example of its dedication to sustainable investing.


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