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Alsym Energy Secures Staggering $78 Million to Reinforce Renewable Power Infrastructure

Image credit: Alsym Energy

In a groundbreaking move, Alsym™ Energy, renowned for pioneering cutting-edge, non-flammable rechargeable batteries, just sealed a whopping $78 million funding round! This game-changing investment, jointly spearheaded by Tata Limited (a powerhouse subsidiary of Tata Sons) and the globally esteemed General Catalyst, signifies a monumental leap forward in sustainable energy.

But wait, that's not all! Joining this monumental round are the heavyweight backers Thrive Capital from the bustling streets of New York and Thomvest from vibrant Toronto. And let's not forget the steadfast support of Drads Capital, an existing investor amplifying the chorus of confidence in Alsym's vision.

So, what's the game plan with this infusion of capital? Alsym's earmarked these funds to turbocharge its talented team based in the vibrant Boston area, all while ramping up its prototyping and pilot lines. Why? To meet the surging demand for customer samples, of course!

But what's the buzz about Alsym's batteries? With the energy landscape shifting towards renewables, the need for robust battery energy storage systems (BESS) has never been more pressing. And here's where Alsym shines! Their flagship product, Alsym Green, packs a punch with unparalleled system-level energy density, setting a new gold standard in the world of non-flammable, non-lithium battery chemistry.

And the best part? Alsym Green isn't just any run-of-the-mill battery. Nope, it's the go-to solution for scenarios where fire risks soar with rising temperatures. Plus, boasting a jaw-droppingly low levelized cost of storage (LCOS) and a versatile discharge duration range, Alsym batteries are the ultimate multitaskers, effortlessly tackling short-, medium-, and long-duration storage applications.

But who's the genius behind Alsym Energy? Founded in the bustling hub of Woburn, Massachusetts, Alsym™ Energy has revolutionized the battery game with its groundbreaking rechargeable battery chemistry. Say goodbye to lithium and cobalt, and hello to a future powered by non-flammable, non-toxic battery materials!

And let's not forget the powerhouse backers! The Tata Group, a global juggernaut founded in 1868, continues to spearhead innovation across ten verticals, leaving an indelible mark across six continents. Standing shoulder to shoulder with Tata is the trailblazing General Catalyst, a venture capital firm with a penchant for backing game-changers.

"As the clean energy transition accelerates, it's becoming more apparent that a single battery technology is not ideal for every use case and that more options are needed to help address the challenges of a changing climate," said Mukesh Chatter, CEO and Co-Founder of Alsym Energy. 

"This funding round represents a significant vote of confidence in our approach to developing new, non-flammable battery chemistries that combine high performance and low cost with a high level of safety. It gives us the ability to speed our pace of development, increase our capacity to provide samples to both existing and prospective customers, and ultimately get our first product to market as quickly as possible."

"Battery storage systems can help provide firm capacity to the grid when the sun is not shining, and wind is not blowing, but changing climates and hazardous environments demand flexible solutions that can meet a range of needs safely and economically," said Dr. Kripa Varanasi, Co-Founder of Alsym Energy, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, and thought leader in decarbonization and sustainability. "Alsym batteries are ideally suited to temperate and warming climates, infrastructure, and industrial applications, including data centers, steel mills, and chemical plants. Our low-cost, non-toxic technology will help make decarbonization economically feasible in the developed world and G-77 nations, allowing everyone to play a role in the clean energy future."

"As we continue to see record scaling of renewable energy resources around the world, the practical constraints and supply chain uncertainties of lithium-ion batteries have become more acute, driving demand for alternatives that compete on performance, cost, and availability. This is particularly salient in emerging markets, where battery storage will be critical to driving down the cost of clean energy," said Genevieve Kinney, partner at General Catalyst. "Alsym's low-cost batteries combine performance and safety, and their strategic partnerships reflect one of the key pillars of our Global Resilience thesis, which relies on radical collaboration with established industry partners to scale new, critical technologies. With this partnership, we believe Alsym is well-positioned to drive a more sustainable future around the world."

So, what's next for Alsym™ Energy? With this mammoth investment, the sky's the limit as they continue to rewrite the rules of sustainable energy and pave the way for a greener, brighter future!

About Alsym Energy

Alsym™ Energy: Shaping the Future of Energy, One Battery at a Time! With a mission to revolutionize the battery landscape, Alsym™ Energy is committed to delivering top-notch rechargeable battery solutions that are as eco-friendly and efficient. Say hello to a future powered by innovation!

About the Tata Group

Meet the Titans of Innovation: The Tata Group! With a rich legacy dating back to 1868, the Tata Group continues to lead the charge in global innovation, spanning over 100 countries and six continents. Their mission? To improve lives and create value through unwavering commitment and trust.

About General Catalyst

Join the Vanguard of Change: General Catalyst! A trailblazing venture capital firm, General Catalyst is on a mission to catalyze positive change that resonates across generations. From seed to growth stage and beyond, they're the driving force behind some of the world's most iconic companies.


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