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Bcomp, Pioneering Textiles Cleantech, Secures $40 Million Funding to Advance Sustainable Fiber Composites

Swiss natural fiber composites innovator Bcomp secures a substantial $40M in Series C funding, marking a pivotal moment in its journey.

Conceived initially to enhance backcountry skis, Bcomp's bio-based composites have transcended into motorsports, showcasing performance gains and eco-friendly benefits through rigorous field testing.

These versatile materials, including powerRibs™ and ampliTex™ technical fabrics, offer remarkable lightweight and stiffness advantages over conventional composites, superior vibration damping, and safety features.

By embracing Bcomp's sustainable solutions, OEMs can achieve significant CO2 emissions reduction across their product lifecycle, from production to disposal.

Notable investors like BMW i Ventures, Porsche Ventures, and Volvo Cars Tech Fund are already integrating Bcomp's innovations. For instance, ampliTex™ fabric adorns the interior of the new electric Volvo EX30, while BMW utilizes both products for its BMW M4 GT4.

Bcomp's materials enable substantial decarbonization by slashing plastic content by up to 70% and reducing total weight by 50% compared to traditional materials. Moreover, these high-performance materials can cut CO2 emissions by up to 60% from production to delivery and are recyclable for a sustainable future.

EGS Beteiligungen AG spearheaded the Series C round, backed by new investors like Verve Ventures and Zürcher Kantonalbank, alongside continued support from Series A and B participants like Generali and Airbus Ventures, highlighting widespread confidence in Bcomp's trajectory.

"The success of this funding round speaks to investors' belief in our high-performance decarbonisation solutions," said Bcomp Chairman Christian Jaag.

"This investment will expand our existing markets and propel our growth into exciting new sectors." 

"We are very impressed by the maturity and leadership of such a young Swiss company in sustainable, lightweight performance materials," said David Kurmann, Investment Director at EGSB.

"They offer unprecedented solutions to decarbonisation when the global manufacturing sector is trying to meet its carbon-neutral objectives."

"We continue to be excited by Bcomp's growth and its launch into the global mobility market," said Claas Carsten Kohl, Partner at Airbus Ventures. 

"Their innovative natural fibre composites are designed to help OEMs decarbonise their supply chains by providing powerful, pragmatic, and economical lightweighting solutions to boost performance." 


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