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Verdify, a Limburg Foodtech Innovator, Secures a €2.4 Million Boost in Latest Funding Round

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing personalized nutrition, Verdify, a foodtech innovator based in Limburg, has successfully raised €2.4 million. This funding is earmarked for scaling up their groundbreaking initiatives in personalized nutrition to enhance human and planetary well-being.

The investment round brought together contributions from existing shareholders and new investors, including the Goeie Grutten Impact Fund, Oost NL, Koppert Cress, and De Smaakmaker. This capital boost builds on previous funding rounds in 2020 and 2021, reinforcing Verdify's position at the forefront of software development that tailors meal plans to individual health needs and environmental sustainability.

Verdify's cutting-edge approach is driven by increasing evidence linking poor diet to various health issues, such as heart disease, cancer varieties, and diabetes. The timing of this investment is particularly crucial as Verdify tests its NooryMed application in partnership with pharmaceutical giant Roche as a potential adjunct in breast cancer treatment.

Dietitian Fleur Pasman, COO at Verdify, said, "A good nutritional status can prevent worsening of side effects, prevent additional hospitalisation, and prevent early treatment drop-out. However, a large proportion of patients become malnourished due to taste changes, swallowing problems, and nausea resulting from chemotherapy." NooryMed automatically adjusts recipes to address such challenges while aligning with the healthcare provider's recommendations.

The influx of funds sets the stage for Verdify to achieve significant milestones. Preparations are underway to expand the reach of the NooryMed platform for international application in treating breast cancer and obesity. Moreover, Verdify is set to integrate its technology with 100 recipe websites, extending its influence to millions across various European countries and promoting healthier food choices.

Gijs Engelen, Investment Manager at Goeie Grutten, states, "Verdify's solution not only empowers consumers to make conscious choices for healthier and more sustainable nutrition but also provides crucial support to patients during their treatment and recovery. The impact of Verdify on health and climate is substantial, and we are delighted to contribute to its continued growth."

Arnaud Zwaal, Investment Manager Food at Oost NL: "Verdify's software platform offers a solution that cuts both ways. Through personalised nutrition, we assist individuals in enhancing their health. Simultaneously, it's a challenge to enhance the sustainability of food production and consumption to reduce negative environmental impacts. Verdify contributes by making sustainable choices more accessible."

At its core, Verdify is redefining the landscape of personalized nutrition. The company's innovative software is not just a tool for the healthcare sector but also holds transformative potential for the food industry, focusing on individualized dietary solutions that benefit personal health and the environment.


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