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Turin's Climatetech Innovator, CarpeCarbon, Triumphs with €1.7 Million Pre-Seed Funding Coup

CarpeCarbon, a trailblazing climate-tech startup headquartered in Turin, has just clinched an impressive €1.7 million in pre-seed funding, putting it on a trajectory comparable to Germany's renowned Greenlyte Carbon Technologies.

The staggering €1.765 million pre-seed fundraising round for CarpeCarbon was made possible through the strategic backing of 360 Capital and the Tech4Planet program of CDP Venture Capital. But that's not all! The illustrious PiemonteNext co-investment fund and the esteemed Club Degli Investitori network have also thrown their weight behind this groundbreaking venture.

CarpeCarbon's pioneering mission revolves around becoming Italy's front-runner in developing revolutionary methods that harness the power of Direct Air Capture (DAC) to meticulously sequester CO2 deep within the earth's core, effectively removing it from the atmosphere. With this substantial financial infusion, CarpeCarbon is gearing up to embark on the ambitious journey of establishing Piedmont's inaugural DAC facility.

But what sets CarpeCarbon apart is its ingenious Direct Air Capture technique. Instead of limiting CO2 capture to emission points, CarpeCarbon's method enables a game-changing approach to extract CO2 from the ambient air directly.

The subterranean storage of this captured CO2 paves the way for an array of transformative industrial applications. Think sustainable aviation fuels, pharmaceutical breakthroughs, electric vehicle battery recycling, carbon-neutral construction materials, effervescent beverage production, and even decaffeinated products—all made possible through CarpeCarbon's visionary technology.

CarpeCarbon co-founder and CEO Giuliano Antoniciello shared: “We strongly believe in this entrepreneurial project which sets bold but necessary goals if we want to meet our climate goals and the goals of the Paris Agreement. One aspect of which I am particularly proud is that our team is young, passionate, and extremely competent, with more than 65 years of total advanced training, including masters and PhDs in STEM fields, ranging from carbon capture chemistry to energy engineering.”

CDP Venture Captial technology transfer fund’s Claudia Pingue added: “For the Tech4Planet Technology Transfer Pole, it is a source of pride to have brought the idea of CarpeCarbon to the market, and also to have involved the regional co-investment fund Piemonte Next, which arises from the Region’s desire to support innovation that originates in the region. CarpeCarbon’s solution has the ingredients to mitigate, through innovative technologies, the effects of climate change.”

About CarpeCarbon:

Hailing from the heart of Italy, CarpeCarbon is rewriting the rules of climate tech with its cutting-edge Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology. This groundbreaking innovation has the incredible ability to remove substantial volumes of CO2 using nothing but renewable energy. By effortlessly capturing CO2 from the atmosphere without incurring excessive energy costs, CarpeCarbon's pioneering approach trims expenses and significantly reduces its environmental footprint.

In the grand scheme of mitigating climate change and achieving net-zero emissions in the face of evolving climate scenarios, removing CO2 from the atmosphere is a pivotal and irreplaceable step that complements emission reduction efforts and accelerates the global transition to clean energy. CarpeCarbon is leading the way in this vital endeavor, forging a path toward a more sustainable future.


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