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Triodos Bank UK Bolsters City to Sea's Plastic Campaign Efforts with Funding Boost

City to Sea, a leading campaign group dedicated to fighting plastic pollution in our oceans, has announced a significant financial boost from Triodos Bank UK. This new lending, combined with grant and donation funding, will empower the organization to escalate its efforts against the scourge of ocean plastic pollution.

City to Sea said that the loan was for an undisclosed sum and was provided in conjunction with grant and donation funding.

The group recently announced the expansion of its Refill Destinations program, with ten more local authorities across the UK signing up for the scheme. It is also working on a returnable coffee cup scheme with university campuses in Bath to help cut plastic waste.

"City to Sea has banked with Triodos for almost ten years now, so when it came to securing a loan to support our growth, it was incredibly valuable to have a relationship with a local, ethical bank that know us well and could take us through the lending process painlessly," said Natalie Fée, founder of City to Sea. "We're grateful to have Triodos finance backing us so we can keep investing in our much-needed environmental campaigns."

Simon Crichton, South West team leader for business banking at Triodos Bank UK, also welcomed the deal. "City to Sea has had an incredible impact in transforming the public's awareness and approach to unnecessary, everyday plastic use, so we're pleased to be able to enable them to continue building on this work," he said.

Based in Bristol, both organizations are committed to addressing pressing societal and environmental issues. Since its establishment in 2016, City to Sea has been at the forefront of the fight against single-use plastics, collaborating with communities, businesses, and activists to implement practical solutions.

City to Sea's campaigns, ranging from water refill schemes to plastic-free periods, have garnered widespread support and catalyzed positive change. By securing fresh funding, City to Sea is poised to advance its impactful initiatives further and drive meaningful progress in the battle against plastic pollution.


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