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'State-of-the-art technology': Gridserve Launches Its First EV Charging App

Image Credit: Gridserve

Electric vehicle (EV) charging company Gridserve has unveiled its first app designed to assist drivers in locating charge points, managing payments, and accessing real-time charging data.

Gridserve operates renewables-powered 'Electric Forecourts' and 'Electric Charging Super Hubs' throughout the UK and said the launch of its app brings it "a step closer to its mission of net zero transport".

Developed in collaboration with Microsoft Azure specialist Dootrix, the app aims to enhance and personalise the EV user experience for drivers at over 190 locations on the Gridserve 'Electric Highway.' This includes its Electric Forecourts, Electric Super Hubs at motorway service areas, and Electric Retail Hubs.

Available for iOS and Android, the app helps users find optimal charging locations and supports navigation through Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze.

The app's development was first hinted at in August 2023 when Gridserve's CEO, Toddington Harper, mentioned the creation of a new "Super App."

"This state-of-the-art technology creates the roadmap for continued advancements that can be made quickly to meet future needs and empower EV drivers even more," said Rob Borley, chief executive at Dootrix, which has been working with Gridserve on tech projects since 2019. "This is made possible by a very strong technical connection to the chargers themselves; real-time data from the chargers enables the app to build charging curves of the number of kilowatts that are being delivered to the vehicle throughout the charging session."

Rebecca Trebble, chief customer experience officer at Gridserve, welcomed the launch news. "200,000 charging sessions are recorded on the Gridserve Electric Highway every month, and the new app will make those charging sessions even easier," she said. We have listened to our users and made it easier to receive receipts as we look to constantly improve our service. With 20 per cent  off charging across our locations this summer, it's the perfect time to utilise the network and the app for a summer adventure."

In a related development, charge point operator Believ announced a partnership with the Octopus Electroverse charging platform to simplify access to its network. This collaboration enables EV drivers to use Believ's expanding network of charge points through Octopus Energy's Electroverse platform. The 'one-card, one-app' model gives drivers access to "hundreds of thousands" of charge points from various charging networks.

Guy Bartlett, chief executive officer at Believ, said the industry must work together to accelerate the switch toward sustainable transportation. "As an increasing number of drivers transition to EVs, we are committed to ensuring that charge points are reliable and accessible for all," he said. "Through partnering with the Octopus Electroverse, we take another stride toward achieving this and in playing our part to help decarbonise UK roads."


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