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SSEN Strikes £30 Million in Deals for Energy Flexibility Services

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution has recently confirmed the completion of contracts worth £30 million with various energy flexibility service providers. This strategic move aims to enhance the firm's capability to swiftly access essential services for managing the grid's stability in areas encountering capacity constraints.

As a key player within the SSE group, SSEN's announcement on Friday highlighted the acquisition of flexibility services across its operational regions in central southern England and the northern parts of Scotland.

Various companies, including Octopus Energy Group, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution, Equiwatt, Conrad Energy, Hawkers Hill Energy Park, Fermata Energy, EV Dot Energy, and Oaktree Power, have been awarded contracts. These partnerships, spanning eight years up to 2032, are designed to bolster SSEN's agility in procuring flexibility services as needed.

The increasing reliance on intermittent renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, in the UK's transition to net zero underscores the growing significance of grid flexibility services. These services, encompassing energy storage and demand-side response technologies, are crucial for maintaining a smooth operation of the electricity system during peak demand periods. Moreover, they contribute to developing a more dynamic and efficient electricity grid, aligning with broader energy sustainability and efficiency goals.

Catherine Winning, flexibility manager at SSEN, said the company's £30m-worth of agreements announced last week were part of a new "innovative, thoughtful" approach to provide a smoother contracting process.

"The engagement in SSEN's flexibility services is increasing, and I am delighted to apply some of the learning and feedback we have gathered to the practical delivery of these services," she said.

"I expect this new approach will remove one of the barriers to getting involved in flexibility by reducing the level of contracting needed, thus allowing us to focus on the services we need and the value they deliver for the customer and ourselves."


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