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Sadiq Khan Unveils Ambitious 10-Point Climate Blueprint Ahead of London Elections

Today, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, alongside Net Zero and Energy Security Secretary Ed Miliband, unveiled a comprehensive 10-point climate action agenda for London, coinciding with the upcoming Mayoral and local elections.

The ambitious strategy outlines initiatives such as equipping school rooftops with solar panels, transitioning London's bus fleet to 100% zero-emission status by 2030, introducing 40,000 additional public bike parking spaces, and deploying 23,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging points across the city.

In a symbolic gesture, Mayor Khan launched the plan at a North London school, underscoring the tangible benefits of his existing air pollution and climate mitigation efforts for the city.

"I'm proud of what we've done in London to tackle air pollution and the climate crisis," he said. It's not been easy—I've faced resistance and pressure from many quarters. But it was the right thing to do and has proven to be very effective, with roadside nitrogen dioxide pollution cut in half across London and hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions saved.

"I'm determined to go even further with a new 10-point climate action plan for our city, which includes exciting new initiatives like installing solar panels on school roofs."

In addition, the Mayor's innovative climate action blueprint introduces the Net Zero Schools initiative, which aims to empower schools across London to enhance energy efficiency and generate clean, sustainable power on site. With a proposed allocation of £2 million, the initiative aims to equip 50 schools with solar panels, heat pumps, and energy-saving measures.

Aligned with Khan's steadfast commitment to achieving a net zero capital by 2030, the strategy encompasses expanding tree planting initiatives, creating new green spaces, bolstering investments in pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and fostering job growth in burgeoning green sectors such as renewable energy.

This visionary plan, spearheaded by Labour politicians, comes mere weeks before Londoners head to the polls to select their next Mayor.

Khan, who is seeking a third term, also branded his Conservative opponent Susan Hall as a "proud anti-green candidate" who takes a "Trumpian approach to the climate crisis."

"This election is a close two-horse race between me and the Tory candidate," he said. "When it comes to the green agenda, the choice couldn't be starker. There is so much at risk - clean air and London's commitment to reaching net zero are on the ballot paper on 2 May."

Miliband also positioned the upcoming London election as pivotal for the UK's efforts to tackle climate change.

"The mayoral election in London is so important," he said. "Who runs our capital city is a defining question of whether we can win the fight against the accelerating climate emergency or not. It's a close two-horse race, and it's a choice between Sadiq, who has been a true climate leader as Mayor and will deliver a greener, healthier, brighter future for London, or a retrograde step with the Tory candidate."

Paul Morozzo, climate campaigner at Greenpeace UK, welcomed Labour's climate plan, arguing the Conservative Party's proposals for the capital would leave Londoners more vulnerable to climate change.

"Sadiq is leading the way," he said. "Londoners want politicians who are serious about climate action and his 10-point plan is a good start. People know that climate solutions will not only help the planet, they will help people struggling with the cost of living, a stagnant economy and crumbling public services.

"We all deserve better than politicians who are willing to leave us unshielded from climate impacts. Whether it's Susan Hall in London or Rishi Sunak in Westminster, the Conservatives will lose if they don't start taking the climate seriously."


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