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ProteinDistillery, a Disruptive Food-Tech Start-Up, Raises €15 Million in Seed Funding

Teambild ProteinDistillery

In a groundbreaking move, ProteinDistillery, an emerging player from Esslingen, has triumphantly closed its inaugural financing round, amassing over €15 million in funds. The company's ambitious objective? To pioneer the development and commercialization of cutting-edge plant-based protein ingredients, poised to redefine the food industry landscape with their sustainability ethos.

The investment consortium, spearheaded by the esteemed Green Generation Fund based in Berlin, a trailblazing impact venture capital firm specializing in FoodTech, and fortified by a startup family office boasting deep-rooted ties to the German SME ecosystem, shares ProteinDistillery's grand vision of a healthier, more sustainable tomorrow. Complementing this formidable alliance are renowned business luminaries such as Wendelin Wiedeking and seasoned industry mavens, whose expertise further bolsters the financing endeavor.

At the heart of ProteinDistillery's innovation lies Prew:tein™ (patent pending), a pioneering plant-based protein derivative meticulously crafted from refined brewer's yeast. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing the protein's properties and maximizing the valorization of ancillary by-products, the company aims to carve a niche as a purveyor of pristine, multifunctional, and ecologically sound protein solutions.

Looking ahead, the infusion of capital will be strategically deployed to fuel corporate expansion initiatives, facilitate market penetration endeavors, and forge pivotal alliances within the food industry's echelons. Additionally, ProteinDistillery is set to inaugurate Europe's premier protein competence center in Heilbronn, situated in the verdant heartlands of southern Germany.

Bolstered by a steadfast resolve, the startup is charting a course toward establishing an industrial-scale production facility that can churn out several thousand tons of protein annually. This ambitious undertaking necessitates a meticulously crafted financing blueprint underpinning the company's proven track record and robust affiliations with influential stakeholders across the biotechnology landscape.

With unwavering determination and a strategic roadmap, ProteinDistillery is poised to emerge as a vanguard in sustainable food innovation and leave an indelible mark on the German biotechnology sector.


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