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Press Release: Net Zero Technology Centre Reveals Start-Ups for 2024 Clean Energy Innovation Program

The Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) has proudly unveiled its 2024 TechX start-up cohort participants. This year marks the sixth iteration of the TechX Clean Energy Accelerator, which is set to kick off in February, introducing 12 promising start-ups to an intensive program designed to supercharge their growth and innovation in clean energy technologies.

Participants are poised to receive a substantial support package, including up to £100,000 in funding, alongside privileged access to a robust network of mentors, investors, and sponsors. Esteemed collaborators such as BP, Equinor, ADNOC, and newly joined ConocoPhillips are among the program's backers. Additionally, the start-ups will benefit from invaluable industry support through opportunities like field trials.

The accelerator aims to harness the power of entrepreneurship to unearth and accelerate the development of vital technologies that will pave the way for a sustainable energy future. Over 15 weeks, the start-ups will engage in a rigorous curriculum focused on investor readiness, business model refinement, and storytelling strategies, building up to a Demo Day in June 2024. This event will offer the start-ups a platform to present their innovative solutions to a gathering of industry professionals and investors, opening doors to further investment opportunities.

Upon completing the program, TechX graduates will continue to receive two years of growth support and ongoing access to NZTC's expansive network and co-working spaces.

The 2024 cohort features a diverse array of innovators, including:

  • Airspection is advancing drone technology for enhanced safety and reliability in offshore infrastructure inspections.

  • Apleum is pioneering a process to produce zero-carbon jet fuel from renewable energy, carbon dioxide, and water.

  • Kali Technology offers carbon-neutral solutions for industrial heating through advanced heat pump technology.

  • Frontier Robotics is developing versatile software and hardware for autonomous underwater inspections.

  • HyWaves, enhancing hydrogen production with a novel power management system for solar-to-hydrogen projects.

  • H2CHP is creating a fuel-flexible power generator for ports, aiming for high efficiency and zero carbon emissions.

  • INERGIO Technologies combines fuel cells and diesel generators for sustainable power solutions.

  • MECHAPRES is introducing a high-temperature heat pump with thermal storage for decarbonizing industrial heat.

  • Modjoule innovates with smart, battery-equipped containers for shipping vessel electrification.

  • Reaforma, utilizing construction waste for carbon capture in a groundbreaking carbon-negative composite.

  • Soltropy is developing solar thermal technology for carbon-neutral building heating.

  • SurreyH2 focuses on cost-effective green hydrogen production with a unique recirculating catalyst system.

To date, the TechX program has supported 57 start-ups, collectively generating £32M in revenue and creating 443 jobs. With seven products already brought to market, TechX alumni are on a trajectory to contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions reduction, potentially saving 20-25 million tonnes annually by 2030.

Chief Acceleration Officer and TechX Director Mark Anderson said:

"As NZTC welcomes its sixth TechX cohort, we reiterate the pivotal role entrepreneurs will play in accelerating the energy transition.

"This year's cohort introduces compelling innovations, offering solutions to propel the adoption of clean and affordable energy. TechX start-ups are the companies of the future, poised to reshape the energy landscape and help lead us towards net zero."

UK Government Minister for Scotland Malcolm Offord said:

"Congratulations to those selected for the TechX Clean Energy Accelerator program. Start-up companies play a fundamental role in driving innovation in the energy sector, supporting sustainable economic growth, and delivering solutions to the environmental issues we all face today.

"The UK Government is investing £90 million in the Net Zero Technology Centre and more than £2.9 billion to level up across Scotland."

Learn more about NZTC'sNZTC's TechX Accelerator here: 


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