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Octopus Energy's Visionary £200 Million Investment Fuels Revolutionary Waste Heat Innovator Deep Green

Image: Deep Green's computers submerged in mineral oil in Exmouth where it captures waste heat for the swimming pool | Credit: Deep Green

London-based tech disruptor Octopus Energy is making waves with a groundbreaking £200 million infusion into the world of clean heat technology pioneer Deep Green. This substantial backing will turbocharge the London-based startup's mission to propel projects that harness and repurpose waste heat from IT data centers.

Deep Green, the torchbearer of immersion cooling technology, boasts an ingenious system capable of capturing the thermal energy generated by data centers with remarkable efficiency. This captured heat is then ingeniously redirected to serve diverse industries and infrastructure, ranging from invigorating swimming pools to empowering district heat networks.

In a game-changing move last year, Deep Green unveiled its "digital boiler" system at the Exmouth Leisure Centre in Devon. Here, a dozen cloud data center servers assumed the role of eco-champions, channeling their excess heat to provide warmth for the swimming pool and surrounding structures. This innovative approach slashed gas heating bills and made substantial strides in reducing carbon emissions.

As a benevolent heat provider, Deep Green gains an invaluable benefit—free cooling. This strategic advantage gives it a substantial edge over conventional data centers, as it effectively mitigates computing energy expenditures for its clientele.

Adding to its repertoire of accomplishments, Deep Green excels in project execution speed. Co-locating its servers at sites with heat requirements bypasses the need for extensive grid upgrades or labyrinthine planning permissions. The result? Swift project initiation and rapid deployment, projects springing to life in mere weeks.

Mark Bjornsgaard, founder and CEO of Deep Green, said the investment from Octopus Energy Generation would help to "support our next phase of growth."

"Placing data centers within the fabric of society transforms the waste heat they produce into a valuable resource that benefits communities," he added.

"The data center sector is rightly facing scrutiny about its growing energy demand and associated carbon emissions. Our data centers are highly energy efficient and support local communities with free heat."

In an era where data centers face increased scrutiny over energy consumption and carbon footprints, Deep Green takes center stage with highly energy-efficient data centers that excel in performance and give back to local communities through free heat.

Notable clientele already benefiting from Deep Green's innovation include the prestigious University of York, alongside strategic partnerships with industry leaders in computing and software, such as Civo and Alces Flight, all of whom rely on data center processing for a broad spectrum of applications.

This significant investment announcement flows through the veins of the Octopus Energy Transition Fund, which has previously championed pioneering clean tech enterprises, including a £70 million endorsement for ground-source heat pump trailblazer Kensa Group.

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy Generation, said she looked forward "to rapidly rolling out" Deep Green's technology soon to help "even more people as we drive towards a cleaner, cheaper energy future."

"To tackle the energy crisis head-on, we need innovative solutions to unusual problems," she said. "By using excess heat from data centers to slash energy bills for communities across the UK, Deep Green solves two problems with one solution."


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