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Octopus Energy's 'Fan Club' Tariff Hits Lincolnshire Coast with Offshore Wind Discounts

Image credit: Octopus Energy

In an industry-shaking move, Octopus Energy has declared the amplification of its disruptive 'Fan Club' tariff, carving out its footprint on the Lincolnshire coast—stretching from Grimsby to Skegness. This marks a pivotal moment in energy consumer engagement, as it's the first time Octopus is coupling this exclusive, budget-friendly rate directly with an offshore wind energy farm.

Unveiled with much anticipation earlier today, this is an evolutionary stride in Octopus Energy's Fan Club initiative. Initially hatched in 2021, the program had been targeted towards UK denizens living in proximity to onshore wind farms, specifically in locales like Market Weighton, Halifax in Yorkshire, and even as far afield as Caerphilly in Wales. The tariff's influence had later extended its tendrils to engage Octopus' clientele with neighbouring wind farms in the United States and Deutschland.

Here's the kicker: The newly revised Fan Club tariff, specifically engineered for those residing within a stone's throw of Octopus's jointly-owned offshore wind farm off the Lincolnshire coast, opens up a window to potentially slash electricity costs by up to half. That's right—when those mighty offshore turbines are churning out high wattage levels of green, clean energy, Fan Club members stand to pocket considerable savings.

In sum, Octopus Energy is once again recalibrating the scales of how consumers interact with renewable energy sources while broadening the horizons of its customer-centric Fan Club tariff. The eco-conscious consumer who happens to live near the thrumming blades of an offshore wind farm? Well, they're the newest recruits in this affordable, sustainable power revolution.

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy Generation, said demand for the Fan Club tariff demonstrated "how much people love the wind in Britain."

"It's fantastic to now expand this pioneering scheme to those living near offshore wind farms, too," she said. "People overlooking these majestic wind farms along the coastlines from Grimsby to Skegness will now be able to benefit from cheaper electricity, which is windy."

This summer, the company took dozens of its customers on a trip to the Lincolnshire wind farm on its boat, the HMS Octopus.

"We've loved bringing customers out to see the Lincs offshore wind farm," North-Bond said. "Our customers inspire us massively - they are highly engaged members of the energy system, passionate about participating in the transition to a greener energy future while making savings on their bills at the same time."

The new tariff is the latest step in Octopus Energy Generation's wide-ranging plans to invest $20bn in offshore wind projects by 2030.

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