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Octopus Energy Launches 'Tap 'n' Take Off': Introducing On-the-Go Charging Solution for Electric Aircraft

In a groundbreaking move for electric aviation, Octopus Energy's charging network, Electroverse, has joined forces with AeroVolt, an aircraft charging network, enabling pilots to recharge their electric planes seamlessly.

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy for Business, said the tie-up was "the start of an exciting transition" that would "supercharge the take-off of e-mobility."

"Octopus is at the forefront of the transition to green transport," she said.

"It's incredible to think our skies are cleaner with each new electric plane, and we're thrilled to make the journey easier for pilots, extending our seamless charging experience for electric cars to electric aircraft.

"With just a tap of their Electroverse card, pilots can plug in and power up."

Integrating Electroverse's charging infrastructure with AeroVolt's airside charge points at airports across the UK promises to simplify the charging process for pilots. With the simple tap of an Electroverse card, pilots can now power up their electric planes conveniently.

Moreover, private pilots utilizing Electroverse's on-the-go charging services can synchronize their public charging expenses with their residential energy bills, providing added convenience, particularly for Octopus home energy customers.

Aerovolt, boasting the distinction of being the pioneer in aircraft charging networks, is actively engaging with over 70 airports to install charge points, anticipating the surge in demand for electric aircraft. Currently operational at several vital airports, including Bournemouth, Lydd, Dunkeswell, and Shoreham, AeroVolt plans to expand its infrastructure to an additional 12 sites.

"AeroVolt is on a mission to transform the future of flight with our simple and easy-to-use network of rapid chargers across prime airfield locations," said Guy Haydon, chief commercial officer at AeroVolt. "This exciting partnership with Octopus will bring AeroVolt's car chargers into the Electroverse and deliver a market-leading aircraft charging experience to electric pilots."

This collaboration exemplifies a broader trend toward supporting the adoption of electric aircraft, with various companies making strides in developing and testing electric planes for zero-emission flights. Initiatives such as ZeroAvia's efforts to pioneer short-haul zero-emission services and the plans of numerous airlines to introduce electric air taxis or commercial routes underscore the industry's commitment to sustainable aviation.


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