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Octopus Energy Joins Forces with Tesla to Enhance Grid Flexibility

Image Credit: Tesla

Tesla Powerwall has teamed up with Octopus Energy to integrate its energy storage systems with Octopus's Kraken platform, enhancing innovative tariff payments and grid flexibility.

This collaboration allows Tesla Powerwall users to manage their energy consumption through Kraken automatically, optimizing grid balance during high-demand periods. By connecting to Kraken, Powerwall customers can efficiently draw low-cost, sustainable energy from the grid when supply is plentiful and sell it back during peak times. The Kraken platform fully automates this seamless interaction.

Furthermore, this integration grants Powerwall customers access to Octopus Energy's innovative smart tariffs, such as the 'Intelligent Octopus Flux'. This tariff is engineered to maximize user earnings by adapting to daily price fluctuations—charging batteries when electricity is cheaper and selling them during higher rate periods to aid grid stability. This could save customers £250 annually compared to traditional tariffs.

The partnership bolsters Octopus Energy's capabilities as a provider of flexible grid solutions—now managing over 1GW of adjustable power across various devices—and expands its services geographically. Octopus is now certified to install Tesla Powerwalls in Spain and the UK, marking a significant expansion of their service and installation capabilities.

"Two energy tech giants are coming together to get the most out of clean tech in people's homes," said Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, Octopus Energy's chief product and marketing officer. "Now that Powerwall is integrated into Kraken, it will pass on further savings for customers while helping to balance the grid."

Colby Hastings, Tesla's director of residential energy, said the integration between Powerwall and Kraken would "increase value for homeowners while maintaining an excellent product experience." 

"We are excited to collaborate with Octopus as we work towards powering the grid of the future," he added.


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