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Octopus Energy Joins Forces with National Grid to Accelerate Residential Clean Technology Deployments

Image Credit: Octopus Energy

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Octopus Energy and National Grid are set to revolutionize the integration of clean technology within residential settings. They propose a strategic partnership to significantly expedite the installation of heat pumps, electric vehicle (EV) chargers, and solar panels in private homes. This alliance, announced recently, is poised to streamline the once lengthy process, potentially reducing the installation timeline by several weeks.

The essence of this partnership lies in a novel agreement wherein National Grid Electricity Distribution will permit Octopus Energy technicians to perform upgrades to the electrical fuse of a household directly during the installation of eco-friendly energy systems. Traditionally, enhancing a home's electrical capacity to support the addition of heat pumps, EV chargers, and solar panels necessitated intervention by the local power distribution operator. This process notably extended the installation duration.

Highlighting the efficiency of this collaborative effort, it is projected that enabling Octopus Energy's certified installers to manage fuse upgrades in tandem with green technology installations could abbreviate the entire process by as much as ten weeks.

In an additional move to expedite the adoption of sustainable home energy solutions, National Grid has conducted thorough evaluations and pre-approved installing Octopus Energy's heat pumps across its electrical distribution network. This preemptive approval is expected to reduce the time typically required for grid compatibility assessments by up to five weeks, further facilitating a swift transition to renewable energy sources at the household level.

Cordi O'Hara, president of National Grid Electricity Distribution, underscored the growing demand for cleaner energy solutions, citing a substantial increase in EV chargers and heat pumps installed on its network over recent years. O'Hara emphasized the initiative as a step towards simplifying the connection of low-carbon technologies for consumers, aligning with National Grid's commitment to supporting the surge in electric vehicles and heat pumps while adhering to regulatory standards set by Ofgem.

"These new changes to the fuse upgrade process are part of our commitment to making it even easier for customers to connect low-carbon technologies," she said.

This collaborative venture is a continuation and an expansion of a successful pilot between Octopus Energy and UK Power Networks to accelerate the adoption of green technologies in homes.

Alex Schoch, head of flexibility at Octopus Energy, said the new partnership would help bring heat pumps, EVs, and solar into homes "faster and cheaper, turbocharging the UK's move to an electrified future. "

"By upgrading fuses alongside clean tech installations, we are not only saving National Grid Electricity Distribution resources but also giving our customers back valuable time," he said. "It's a win-win that highlights how critical collaboration is on our path to net zero."

This announcement follows Octopus Energy's recent enhancement of its customer reward program, which now includes energy conservation and engagement incentives, such as discounted cinema tickets, complimentary beverages, and day passes to national heritage sites. Additionally, this development follows Octopus Energy's inaugural annual net profit declaration, marking a significant milestone in the company's journey towards sustainable energy provision.


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