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Octopus Energy Group Expands Globally Through New Partnership in Brazil

Octopus Energy Group has taken a significant stride in its international expansion endeavors through a strategic partnership with Energisa Group, a prominent electricity and gas provider based in Brazil.

This groundbreaking agreement signifies a collective commitment to accelerating the development of clean energy initiatives across South America, primarily focusing on alleviating fuel poverty.

The partnership between the two entities will adopt a multifaceted approach, encompassing knowledge exchange, technology licensing, and the exploration of potential joint ventures.

In particular, Octopus Energy Group and Energisa Group will collaborate to enhance the management of Energisa's battery storage facilities and solar farms in Brazil. By unlocking operational efficiencies and improving customer service, the partnership aims to optimize the utilization of renewable energy resources.

Given that over 600,000 Brazilians currently lack access to electricity and one in ten are categorized as living in energy poverty, the partnership holds the potential to positively impact millions of individuals. Through innovative advancements in the energy sector, the partners aim to expedite the deployment of low-cost renewable solutions, thereby improving energy accessibility and affordability for underserved communities.

"Octopus Energy and Energisa are linking up to learn from each other, especially how cutting-edge tech can benefit Brazil and how to drive sustainable solutions in rural communities," said Greg Jackson, founder of Octopus Energy Group. "This is a massive opportunity and can serve as a blueprint for similar countries and places with high fuel poverty. Through a combination of methods, our budding partnership will help build the future green energy system in South America - with world-class efficiency and customer service at the heart."

Octopus Energy Group has elaborated on a pivotal aspect of its new collaboration, unveiling plans to introduce its AI-powered tech platform, Kraken, to Brazil. Energisa Group will leverage Kraken to conduct comprehensive energy value chain analyses, encompassing energy consumption data, renewable energy generation, and weather predictions.

This strategic initiative aims to expedite the deployment of intelligent energy solutions and ensure the seamless integration of new wind farms, solar projects, and battery storage systems into the grid infrastructure.

Kraken's implementation is expected to yield cost savings for energy suppliers while enhancing customer service standards. The platform's global footprint spans over 54 million energy accounts across 12 countries, managing over 38GW of generating capacity across 180,000 green energy assets.

Energisa Group, a leading player in Brazil's energy landscape, serves over 8.5 million customers across 12 states. Under its energy solution brand '(re)energisa,' the company boasts 363 MWp of distributed solar generation capacity and operates 93 solar plants in five states, in addition to 71 MWp of centralized solar generation capacity.

This landmark agreement marks Octopus Energy Group's inaugural foray into the South American market. In addition to exploring retail opportunities, the partners are considering potential joint ventures in Brazil. These ventures may involve establishing an energy retail business, introducing Octopus' popular EV charging roaming service 'Electroverse,' and providing various flexible grid services.

Ricardo Perez Botelho, chief executive of Energisa, welcomed the new partnership, which he said: "represents not only a collaboration between companies but a joining of efforts towards a greater goal: driving the energy transition and bringing access to energy to communities that do not yet have it."

"Together, we are committed to exchanging knowledge, exploring new business opportunities, and making a difference, promoting a more sustainable and inclusive future for the Brazilian people," he said.

The alliance signifies another significant milestone in Octopus' ambitious international expansion strategy. The company has established operations or forged strategic partnerships in 18 countries, spanning diverse regions such as France, Germany, Australia, the US, and Japan.


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