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Major Funding Alert: Resolve Ventures Unveils €30 Million Fund to Empower Irish Tech Startups

Dublin, Ireland – In a groundbreaking move towards combating the climate crisis, Resolve Ventures officially launched a €30 million fund dedicated to Irish technology startups. This strategic initiative has gained the approval and support of prominent institutions, including the European Investment Fund, Enterprise Ireland, NTMA Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, and the Irish Innovation Seed Fund.

Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Employment Simon Coveney TD said, "This allocation to Resolve Ventures continues to reflect the government's recognition that if new companies are not supported at the seed and early stage, it creates an issue where there will not be enough scalable indigenous companies available later in the development lifecycle."

But what sets this fund apart? It's not just about the financial backing; it's a comprehensive program tailored to nurture and guide early-stage Irish enterprises operating in sustainability and climate technology. These include energy, agriculture, mobility, construction, intelligent consumption, and resource management. This multifaceted approach is designed to foster innovation and drive solutions that can impact the pressing challenges of our time.

In a world where the urgency of addressing climate change and biodiversity loss cannot be overstated, the role of businesses in reducing carbon emissions is paramount. With the support of this technology ecosystem, Irish companies are poised to be key players in this transformative journey.

Scanlon says, "We are delighted with the significant amount of funding secured to date. At Resolve Ventures, we believe in investing in our future and doing our part in delivering the impact momentum necessary to attain the targets prescribed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through this fund, we hope to aid innovative tech solutions that will power the decarbonization of our food, energy, transport, and consumption systems. This fund isn't just beneficial for the environment we all live in, but it makes strong economic sense: governments, utilities, and multinational corporations will be required to invest and spend heavily on sustainability in the coming years in alignment with both the National Development Plan and Climate Action Plan."

Resolve Ventures, founded in 2023 by visionaries David Scanlon and Alan Costello, is more than just a fund—it's a commitment to a sustainable future. Their mission aligns closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and they aim to curate a portfolio of ethical and environmentally friendly solutions.

In conclusion, Resolve Ventures is not merely providing financial resources; it's catalyzing a movement. It's about empowering Irish startups to be the driving force behind decarbonization, aligning with the mandates of the global community to combat climate change.


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