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Lisburn-based Cirdan Secures £2.3m in Funding: Preps for Job-Boosting & Health Tech Expansion

Niall Devlin – Head of Business Banking, Bank of Ireland UK (Left) Denise Sidhu – Partner, Kernel Capital (Middle) Stephen Dunniece – Director, Cirdan (Right)

In a seismic development today, Lisburn's own Cirdan Imaging Ltd. landed a £2.3 million capital injection, priming the pump for a robust expansion that could spawn as many as 25 new job opportunities. Spearheaded by Kernel Capital via its Bank of Ireland Kernel Capital Growth Fund (NI), the funding round also drew keen interest from Clarendon Fund Managers and a coterie of high-net-worth individual investors.

What's the fuss about? Cirdan's not merely expanding its operational scope; it's revolutionizing the modus operandi for onboarding clients. Known for its diverse platform that spans specimen imaging solutions to user-friendly apps for clinicians and patients alike, Cirdan is on a relentless quest to overhaul the diagnostic timeline. By funneling critical healthcare data through its cutting-edge Laboratory Information System, the company aims to make quantum leaps in diagnostic efficiency.

Stephen Dunniece, Director of Cirdan, said, "Cirdan is a company on a positive growth trajectory with an excellent product, strong team, and 'blue-chip' clients across six continents. The Company is ideally placed to capitalize on the accelerated shift from traditional patient care to digital pathology, which has the potential to revolutionize timely disease diagnosis, leading to better and faster patient care."

Denise Sidhu, Partner, Kernel Capital, said, "Cirdan are a great example of an indigenous company delivering innovative and effective solutions that are making a difference for clinicians and patients both locally and internationally. We are delighted they have benefited from investment through the Bank of Ireland Kernel Capital Growth Fund, and we look forward to seeing the business further grow and succeed."

Niall Devlin, Head of Business Banking, Bank of Ireland UK, said, "The Bank of Ireland Kernel Capital Growth Fund (NI) was designed to help SMEs in Northern Ireland to accelerate their growth. Invest Northern Ireland has committed £15 million of funding to this fund, which is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the EU Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020."

Ah, but that's not all. This isn't just some software; it's a harmonious orchestration of digital pathology and AI. It promises users a smorgasbord of benefits: enhanced operational agility, unprecedented control, and a panoramic view of intricate healthcare ecosystems.

Curious about Cirdan's origins? The company was born on May 25, 2010, and has matured into a formidable player in diagnostic digital health and imaging solutions. It stretches its tentacles across North America and Australia from its UK base, garnering accolades as one of the most rapidly growing Clinical Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) providers in both regions.

With innovative product launches and poised to infiltrate new international arenas, Cirdan is on a growth trajectory that appears nothing short of meteoric. Today's funding isn't merely fuel for Cirdan's fire; it's a clarion call announcing that Cirdan is a force to be reckoned with in healthcare technology. And so, the company marches on, seemingly unstoppable in its pursuit of transforming healthcare diagnostics.


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