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Lisbon's Powerdot Secures €100 Million Investment to Spearhead EV Charging Point Operator Market Leadership

In a groundbreaking move, Powerdot, a leading Electric Vehicle Charging Point Operator (EV CPO) based in Lisbon, has successfully closed a €100 million funding round, spearheaded by Antin Infrastructure Partners and Arié Group. This strategic infusion of capital is poised to catapult Powerdot into the forefront of the electric mobility revolution, enabling the company to propel the development of cutting-edge technologies, expand its charging network, and foster deeper alliances across Europe.

With an ambitious vision to solidify its position as a pivotal player in the electric mobility landscape, Powerdot is set to allocate €260 million by 2025 across its operational territories. This substantial investment will fuel the deployment of 15,000 new electric vehicle charging points, strategically distributed across critical markets such as Portugal (€30 million), Spain (€30 million), France (€153 million), Belgium (€5 million), and Poland (€42 million). These efforts align closely with the overarching goal of accelerating the decarbonization of transportation infrastructure throughout Europe.

Luís Santiago Pinto, CEO of Powerdot, said: "This transaction underscores the success and vast potential of Powerdot in the electric vehicle charging market. With over 5,000 operational charging points and over 10,000 in the pipeline, we are poised for sustainable growth and to spearhead the transition towards more accessible and efficient electric mobility. The investment from Antin Infrastructure Partners and Arié Group will play a pivotal role in expanding our network, enhancing technological resources, and contributing to the continuous evolution of sustainable mobility."

The remarkable growth trajectory of Powerdot in 2023 underscores its unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability, with a staggering 201% surge in operational charging points and an impressive 218% increase in kWh consumption.

In 2018, Powerdot established a formidable presence with over 5,000 charging points spanning approximately 1,300 locations. With plans to install an additional 10,000 charging points across more than 1,400 locations, the company is poised for exponential expansion. The infusion of fresh capital will be instrumental in bolstering Powerdot's charging infrastructure, driving technological advancements, and fostering strategic partnerships to enhance the electric vehicle experience for consumers across Europe.

Anand Jagannathan, Antin NextGen partner, stated: "Antin is committed to Powerdot's continued growth, and today marks a significant milestone in our partnership aimed at decarbonizing transport. With this capital raise through our NextGen strategy, Powerdot will further expand the availability of affordable, fast charging stations to the public and foster the transition towards a more sustainable future. Powerdot represents the infrastructure of tomorrow – a next generation of critical infrastructure that is sustainable, scalable, and connected."

David Arié, Board Member at Arié Group, explained: "As an early investor in Powerdot, the Arié Group could not be more excited to be part of this capital raise. The strong operational focus of the Powerdot team and the tremendous growth in 2023 led us to double down on our commitment. We proudly continue to support the growth of the Powerdot project for sustainable mobility."


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