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Haven Allocates £18 Million Toward Solar Initiatives and Energy-Saving Measures in Holiday Parks

Image Credit: Haven

In a bold stride towards sustainability, Haven, a leading holiday park enterprise, has announced an ambitious £18 million investment aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and rolling out a substantial 9MW solar power initiative across 39 of its 41 locations within the year.

This strategic move earmarks over £13 million specifically for solar energy projects, complemented by an additional £5 million dedicated to decarbonisation efforts. These initiatives are designed to significantly diminish the carbon footprint for the throngs of guests and holiday homeowners—totalling over three million visitors and 25,000 homeowners—who frequent the parks annually.

Haven plans to equip parks and key facility buildings with new solar panels in a significant push for renewable energy by June. This solar rollout is poised to generate sufficient clean electricity to power upwards of 8,000 UK homes annually, marking a notable reduction of approximately 10 per cent in the parks' total electric consumption.

Moreover, incorporating air source heat pumps at three swimming pools and implementing advanced remote building management and data monitoring systems, alongside refrigeration enhancements and other energy-conserving technologies, underscore Haven's comprehensive approach to sustainability.

"This investment builds on our commitment to caring for people, parks, and the planet," said Simon Palethorpe, managing director at Haven. We want everyone to be involved at our holiday parks, which is why we are engaging our supply chain and working with our team and holidaymakers alike in our 'keen to be green' efforts.

"These fit-for-future investments put sustainability at the heart of family staycations and are a great addition to our promise to give incredible value to guests and owners."

Haven's sustainability journey is further supported by its parent company, Bourne Leisure, and its recent acquisition by Blackstone. This global investment firm has funnelled nearly £230 million into enhancing the parks in 2021 and 2022. Among the notable green upgrades are the replacement of over 250,000 traditional lights with LED alternatives and the installation of solar-powered streetlights and bollards, reinforcing the parks' green credentials.

Adam Shah, head of real estate asset management Europe at Blackstone, said the firm was committed to upgrading and modernising Haven's holiday sites to offer guests an unforgettable holiday experience.

"This latest investment into energy-saving measures will help future-proof the business and meet growing customer demand for more sustainable holidays," he said.


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