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Global Energy Group forges links with Rosetti Marino on renewables projects

Construction work at GEG's Port of Nigg site / Photo: InverAir Drone Services:

In an encouraging example of post-Brexit optimism, revived fortunes for a remote Highlands area and the continuing advance of the renewables industry, Scottish-based Global Energy Group (GEG) and Italians, Rosetti Marino have formed a strategic partnership. GEG, the Inverness-based company who provide construction and maintenance services to the energy industry have been steadily expanding their operations and reach to encompass the renewables energy sector.

Rosetti Marino – Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation (EPCI) contractors for offshore and onshore plants for the energy sector – are seen by GEG as ideal partners. The two have entered into a five-year agreement with potential for a two-year extension to jointly tender and execute contracts in the UK renewable sector.

GEG’s location in North-East Scotland gives them a vantage point looking out towards the oil fields which are now beginning to feel the onset of their final years as the world embraces energy transition. Recent additions to their senior management have been indicative of how GEG see the future developing and the new partnership with Rosetti will focus on companies who have the UK’s net zero target in mind.

Announcing the partnership on January 27th, the new CEO of GEG, Tim Cornelius, said: “The UK Continental Shelf has the potential to make a deep and meaningful impact on the UK’s overall net zero target [and] sharing existing expertise and infrastructure from the oil and gas industry with the offshore wind industry will be integral”.

GEG emphasised that the make-up of the companies was a decisive factor in forming the partnership since the two firms were of “comparable size and culture with strong family-led roots”. GEG, formed in 2005 and presided over since then by the MacGregor family hailed the partnership an “important post Brexit collaboration for both companies”.

The company employs more than 1,500 globally while Rosetti has a work force of more than 700 staff and also has a global reach. One of the success stories for GEG has been the Port of Nigg. Located about 40 miles north-east of Inverness, Nigg yard had a workforce of around 5,000 in the 1970s constructing huge platform structures for the oil and gas industry at one of the largest dry docks in Europe. As this construction boom declined, the yard became almost deserted until GEG acquired it in 2011.

It has since became an important hub for the renewables sector and once again resounds to the sound of construction as the steel towers and jackets (the foundations, often anchored to the seabed, which stabilise wind farm towers) are manufactured. Nigg will be used extensively in the new partnership with Rosetti and received more good news on January 28th of investment of up to £8.3m from the Highlands and Islands Enterprise for GEG’s project for further development at the port.


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