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Glen Earrach Energy Unveils Ambitious £3 Billion Hydroelectric Initiative at Loch Ness

Glen Earrach Energy Limited (GEE) has unveiled its visionary plans to establish the UK's most advanced pumped storage hydro project at Balmacaan Estate in Scotland. Nestled near the renowned Loch Ness, this 30GWh initiative is set to revolutionise the energy landscape by providing clean energy to countless households.

The development, projected to attract an investment between £2-3 billion, aims to generate over 600 construction jobs locally during its six-year construction phase. This initiative promises significant economic benefits and positions Scotland at the forefront of sustainable energy innovation.

GEE has initiated a comprehensive engagement strategy to gather input from local communities, businesses, and governmental bodies on the project's optimal execution. The company is collaborating with a cadre of specialists, including AECOM, Alpiq, Frontier Economics, and LCP-Delta, to advance the project, which has already seen a scoping request submitted to the Scottish Government's Energy Consents Unit.

This project offers substantial environmental benefits by providing extended energy storage capacity crucial for integrating renewable energy projects into the grid. It is expected to reduce the local grid's carbon emissions by 10% and yield electricity grid operational savings of £2 billion.

"Scotland is a leader in wind power, but the wind doesn't always blow when we need the energy most," said GEE Director Roderick MacLeod. "That's when pumped storage hydro comes in. It is like a giant water battery, storing excess wind power when it's plentiful and releasing it when the wind dies down. International experts have identified Glen Earrach Energy's pumped storage hydro project as the most efficient in the UK, possibly even Europe. It will be needed to help Britain get to net zero."

He added that the company was now actively seeking views from the local community on maximising the project's positive impact on the area.

He also called on the government to confirm policy support for the project. "Globally, pumped storage has relied on government support," he said. "The UK government's proposed income floor is a step in the right direction, which Glen Earrach Energy supports. We believe the government should prioritise projects proven to be the most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable rather than those with planning. That way, they should be self-financing and, in theory, never have to draw on government support."


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