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'FreeCharge': British Gas Announces One-Year Free EV Charging Deal

Image Credit: British Gas

In an exciting development for electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts, British Gas has stepped up as the latest energy titan to introduce a compelling offer: a full year of complimentary home charging for EVs. This opportunity unfolds for customers opting for the Hive EV domestic charge points, a product of British Gas.

This innovative offer allows EV owners to enjoy a year's worth of home charging, translating to an estimated 8,000 miles of driving range at no cost. The first 5,000 British Gas electricity customers, both new and existing, who have a smart meter and purchase a Hive EV Charger are eligible for this offer.

Once the Hive charger is installed, customers can activate the 'FreeCharge' service through the Hive app. This service ingeniously optimizes charging sessions to align with times when electricity demand dips and costs are lower. British Gas commits to reimbursing customers for the electricity consumed in this mode, with the savings conveniently tracked via the Hive app.

A spokesperson for British Gas emphasized the company's dedication to making green home solutions more attainable and widespread.

British Gas said it would reimburse customers for electricity used in this mode on their energy bill, with savings tracked through the Hive app.

"We are on a mission to do all we can to make greener home solutions more affordable and accessible," he said. "As more electric vehicles hit the road, we want to make sure the right products are available for those who are able to make the switch and encourage as many people to do so as possible.

"Electric vehicle uptake is a key part of the UK's drive to net zero. Our FreeCharge proposition not only supports this uptake but, by shifting charging to when demand on the grid is at its lowest, we're accelerating the journey towards a greener future."

The spokesperson also highlighted the role of EV adoption in the UK's journey to net-zero emissions. The FreeCharge initiative bolsters EV uptake and contributes to a greener future by encouraging charging during off-peak grid times.

This initiative by British Gas is part of a growing trend among leading energy suppliers to offer similar incentives. These include complimentary charge point installations and time-of-use tariffs that give EV owners significant discounts or even free power during specific periods.

For instance, last month, OVO partnered with Select Car Leasing to give customers up to 6,000 miles of free charging via its Charge Anytime EV tariff. OVO also launched a tariff tailored for households with heat pumps, pledging to offer heating costs lower than gas boilers by £500 annually, further underlining the industry's shift towards sustainable energy solutions.


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