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FlixBus Unveils Groundbreaking Electric Coach Service, a First for England and Wales

Image: Flixbus' new electric coach Credit: Flixbus

Innovative Pilot Project to Launch Electric Coach Route Linking London, Bristol, and Newport

Breaking new ground in sustainable travel, FlixBus UK is set to inaugurate the first 100% electric long-distance coach service between England and Wales next month. This groundbreaking initiative will seamlessly connect London with Newport in South Wales, marking a significant milestone in cross-country transportation.

The three-month pilot project, slated to commence on March 21st, will expand FlixBus UK's extensive long-distance coach network, linking London, Bristol, and Newport through a fully electric coach. This eco-friendly mode of travel underscores the company's commitment to fostering sustainable mobility solutions for the public.

Partnering with Newport Transport, FlixBus UK will deploy a 46-seat electric vehicle with essential amenities such as a toilet, USB charging points, and complimentary Wi-Fi for passengers' convenience. With ticket prices starting from just £2.99, this service aims to provide affordable and environmentally conscious travel options.

Andreas Schorling, managing director of FlixBus UK, said: "This is a huge step forward for the UK coach sector, transforming the already low-carbon mode of transport to zero-emission at the tailpipe through innovative technology.

"As the first electric long-distance coach service in England and Wales, we're sending a powerful message about our continued commitment to bring even more sustainable travel options for the public and our determination to drive forward the change needed to reduce the impact on the climate."

The environmental benefits of the electric coach service are substantial, with an estimated daily reduction of 352kg of carbon emissions compared to conventional diesel-fueled coaches on the same route. Over the three-month pilot, it is projected to mitigate more than 21 tonnes of carbon emissions, contributing to a greener future for transportation.

David Jenkins, interim managing director at Newport Transport, welcomed the new partnership. "Flix, as a global leader in travel tech, is the brand with passion and ambition to bring this vision to life, and we are delighted to partner on such a momentous pilot project," he said. "Newport Transport has been leading the way in bringing electric vehicles to our network of local bus services in South East Wales and into England, and bringing this electric vehicle to the intercity coach market is the next big step."

Jon Eardley, managing director of Transport UK London Bus, said: "We're delighted to be supporting FlixBus in this project to bring electric vehicles to the long-distance coach market, being charged using our ultra-fast state-of-the-art chargers."

This initiative aligns with FlixBus' broader mission to achieve carbon neutrality across its European operations by 2040, building on successful electric coach pilots conducted across Europe. 

"Coach travel is already a fantastic option because it's comfortable, sustainable, and more affordable than other forms of transport," said Schorling. "However, this pilot project sets us apart, and we're proud to be leading the way in vehicle transformation."

Andreas Schorling emphasized the significance of this project in setting FlixBus apart as a leader in vehicle transformation, redefining the landscape of sustainable transportation.

The project underscores the remarkable growth of the UK's zero-emission bus market, as evidenced by recent data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The UK now boasts Europe's largest electric bus market, with nearly half of new buses purchased in 2023 being zero-emission models. With 1,159 zero-emission buses entering service, the UK continues demonstrating its commitment to sustainable public transportation solutions.


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