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eEnergy Group's Stock Surges Following Successful Acquisition of £40 Million Financing Arrangement

In a strategic move poised to redefine the landscape of energy efficiencies, eEnergy Group catapulted to the forefront of market attention following the unveiling of its groundbreaking financing agreement with National Westminster Bank Plc (NatWest).

Under the terms of this transformative collaboration, eEnergy Group and NatWest have joined forces to unleash a formidable £40 million reservoir meticulously earmarked to fuel the realization of energy efficiencies within the public sector. By facilitating the financing of on-site power generation projects, this pioneering initiative promises to usher in a new era of sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

This bespoke financing solution, tailored with precision to cater exclusively to eEnergy's esteemed public sector clientele, stands as a testament to innovation and foresight. Bolstered by the capital infusion, eEnergy is poised to seamlessly deploy its comprehensive suite of energy transition technologies, thereby amplifying efficiencies and fortifying its market position.

With an unwavering commitment to ownership and operational excellence, eEnergy will meticulously shepherd each project under the stewardship of a dedicated special-purpose vehicle, ensuring that eEnergy retains full control and reaps the benefits of its pioneering endeavors.

Distinguished by its adaptability and foresight, the 12-year facility encompasses two meticulously crafted tranches, each designed to dovetail seamlessly with anticipated drawdowns. Notably, unlocking the second tranche hinges upon the judicious deployment of 75% of the initial allocation, underscoring eEnergy's commitment to prudent financial management.

Against this backdrop of transformative innovation, eEnergy Group's shares surged an impressive 22%, underscoring the market's resounding vote of confidence in the company's visionary trajectory and transformative potential.

"We are extremely pleased to announce this £40m Facility with NatWest, marking the beginning of a new collaboration between our two organisations. This Facility is the result of significant investment in honing our proposition to public sector customers and gives eEnergy a clear competitive advantage in the market. It also allows us to offer our leading net-zero energy efficiency services to larger multi-site projects and contracts. This Facility has been structured to allow us to scale rapidly in a large addressable UK market," said Harvey Sinclair, eEnergy CEO.

"What is particularly exciting about this new Facility is its innovative structure which will lower our cost of capital and also provide us with longer-term economic upside on each project.

"We look forward to this new relationship with NatWest which we hope is a start of a much longer-term relationship given the opportunities available."


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