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Drax Fortifies Investment in Electric Vehicle Charging Through BMM Energy Solutions Acquisition

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Image credit: Drax

Big news in the energy world: Drax Energy Solutions, a specialized sub-division of the mighty Drax Group, just unveiled its complete acquisition of BMM Energy Solutions—industry mavens in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. While they've kept the fiscal specifics shrouded in mystery, what's crystal clear is that BMM now operates under the umbrella of Drax Group as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

BMM's genesis dates back to 2013, and their journey is nothing short of meteoric. This UK behemoth has successfully planted over 13,000 charging stations on the map. More fascinating? BMM isn't a stranger to Drax; they've been in a sort of corporate symbiosis since 2018. They've rolled out EV chargers for various commercial entities, featuring big names such as FI Real Estate, SES Water, and the ubiquitous Travis Perkins.

The Drax brass is thrilled—specifically Adam Hall, the Director of Energy Services at Drax Group. Adam Hall, Director of Energy Services at Drax Group, said: “Businesses who are serious about sustainability need to electrify their fleet and offer on-site charging for employees. The acquisition of BMM means we now offer a complete end-to-end journey – from vehicle suitability assessments through to charge point installation, operation and maintenance. We’re looking forward to welcoming the BMM team to Drax and working together to grow the combined business.”

Terry Mohammed, the helmsman at BMM Energy Solutions, couldn't agree more. He sees this move as a pivotal "gear shift" in BMM's ongoing odyssey. Terry Mohammed, CEO at BMM Energy Solutions, said: “We’re excited about joining Drax, and this deal is the next great step in our growth journey. Integrating our installation and maintenance skills into the business will ensure that Drax’s clients can benefit for years to come.”

So, what happens next? BMM's managerial and operational talent cadre is set to integrate seamlessly into the Drax ecosystem. They'll maintain their operations at their existing strongholds—Airdrie in the Scottish region and Gatwick in the southeastern chunk of England.

As for the future? Both companies are tight-lipped but palpably eager. New operational bases are already a topic of animated boardroom discussions. It's as though they're planting the seeds for a new, sustainable world—one charge point at a time.


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