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Brussels Welcomes €1 Million Funding Boost for Climate Tech Innovators, Sirona Technologies

Thoralf Gutierrez – CEO & Co-Founder(left) , Gauthier Limpens – CTO & Co-Founder(right)

In a significant funding development, Brussels-based Climate Tech Startup Sirona Technologies has secured an impressive €1 million to fuel its mission of combating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and tackling environmental challenges head-on.

The genesis of Sirona Technologies is an intriguing story of collaboration between Thoralf Gutierrez, a former Tesla engineer, and experts deeply entrenched in the science of carbon capture at CERN. Their partnership is underpinned by a relentless commitment to rapid innovation and a laser-sharp focus on their mission. Drawing inspiration from Tesla's groundbreaking methodologies, Sirona aspires to set entirely new standards within Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology.

What sets Sirona apart is its innovative approach and the noteworthy endorsement it has garnered from a distinguished cadre of investors and industry luminaries. Seasoned veterans from SpaceX and Tesla have lent their support to this venture, solidifying its potential.

The list of backers reads like a who's who in the tech and climate sphere. XAnge, AFI Ventures, and the Voyagers Climate-Tech Fund, spearheaded by David Rowan, the founding editor of Wired UK, are among the notable contributors. Additionally, influential figures such as Adrien Roose of Cowboy, Benoit Deper of Aerospacelab, Thibaud Elziere of eFounders, and Renaud Visage, co-founder of Eventbrite, have thrown their weight behind Sirona Technologies.

According to Sirona Technologies, the progress in Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology has been remarkable. In just half a year, the company has transitioned from its initial prototype to a third-generation model, capable of capturing 100 times more CO2 than its predecessor. This breakthrough underscores Sirona's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the fight against climate change.

Thoralf Gutierrez, CEO and co-founder of Sirona Technologies, says, "I am incredibly excited to unveil Sirona Technologies to the world. Climate change is the most important problem of our era. It demands that we make bold and ambitious bets. My experience at Tesla showed me what you can do when you assemble a team of exceptional, mission-driven engineers. That's exactly what we're doing, and it will be crucial to scaling our impact on climate change as quickly as possible."

Co-founder Gauthier Limpens says, "Direct Air Capture is an essential piece in the intricate puzzle of combating climate change. During my tenure in the field, I've come to realize the urgent need to scale up this technology right now for it to be available tomorrow. It's not a question of choosing one solution over another as they will all be needed; rather, it's about integrating DAC into our broader strategy to effectively and rapidly reduce atmospheric CO2 levels in a post-fossil-energy era. At Sirona Technologies, we are committed to advancing this technology to make a meaningful impact in our collective fight against climate change."

Sirona Technologies, established in 2023, is a beacon of hope in the climate tech landscape. Rooted in Brussels, this forward-thinking enterprise prioritizes cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and scalability. Its overarching goal is to drive the region's burgeoning climate tech sector forward by harnessing existing technology to achieve net-zero emissions.


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