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Bring Energy Introduces Ambitious Strategy to Implement Heat Networks Across UK Cities

Image Credit: Bring Energy

Today marks the official launch of Bring Energy, a trailblazing venture poised to revolutionize the landscape of heating and cooling networks across the UK. Born from the strategic spin-out of Equans, a renowned player in the engineering and energy domain, Bring Energy is primed to make waves in the industry.

Backed by a diverse consortium of international and UK investors, Bring Energy stands tall as the steward of the UK's most extensive array of heat networks. From iconic landmarks such as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, ExCel Centre, and Battersea Power Station to sprawling urban centers including Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Leicester, Newcastle, and Southampton, Bring Energy's reach knows no bounds.

Within its expansive portfolio lie assets boasting an impressive 432MW of heating capacity, complemented by 117MW of cooling prowess and 67MW of electricity generation capability. These resources serve a diverse clientele comprising residential, commercial, public sector, and retail entities, underscoring Bring Energy's pivotal role in powering various facets of society.

A steadfast commitment to sustainability is at the heart of Bring Energy's mission. Embracing district heating systems, the company champions emissions reduction initiatives, offering a compelling alternative to traditional building heating methods. By transitioning away from gas-fired combined heat and power plants towards innovative solutions like waste heat recovery, biofuels, and large-scale heat pumps, Bring Energy paves the way toward a greener future.

Moreover, Bring Energy is steadfast in its resolve to navigate the path to net-zero operations by 2035. With a keen focus on developing decarbonization strategies for its existing projects, the company remains at the vanguard of environmental stewardship.

Bolstered by newfound investor support, Bring Energy sets its sights on accelerating the realization of city-scale heating and cooling endeavors while optimizing its current networks for maximum efficiency. Embarking on its inaugural project, Bring Energy aims to deploy a groundbreaking water source heat pump installation at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, reclaiming wasted heat from cooling processes and transforming it into a sustainable energy source.

"We want to bring low-carbon heating and cooling to cities across the UK and work with local authorities, developers, and communities to accelerate growth of city-scale networks," said Richard Burrell, executive chairman, Bring Energy. "Heat networks could provide 20 per cent of UK heat by 2050, up from around 3 per cent today, and are critical to enhancing energy security and achieving net zero.

"Bring Energy is committed to leading the way in the UK to create new jobs and support the wider net zero transition to decarbonise and upgrade existing networks."

In direct response to the escalating demand for low-carbon heat networks in UK cities, Bring Energy is stepping up its game. In the wake of the 2023 Energy Security Bill, which ushered in pivotal provisions for expanding heat networks nationwide, Bring Energy is poised to seize the moment.

Enshrined within the bill are provisions granting the government authority to implement heat network zoning in England, alongside mandating heat networks as the primary option for heat supply in both new and existing buildings within these zones. This legislative stride signals a paradigm shift towards sustainable heating solutions, positioning heat networks as the linchpin of the UK's energy landscape.

Champions of heat networks tout their credentials as a proven technology long embraced in various European counterparts. Renowned for their cost-effective delivery of low and zero-carbon heating on a grand scale, heat networks represent a beacon of hope in the quest for sustainable energy solutions.


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