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Bradford Council Approves Cutting-Edge Hydrogen Facility with 'State of the Art' Technology

Image: Hydrogen buses | Credit: Hygen

This week, Bradford Council granted planning approval for an innovative green hydrogen production facility in West Yorkshire. Spearheaded by Hygen and N-Gen, alongside Renewable Connections, the facility is set to be a pioneer in its field. It aims to yield approximately 12.5 tonnes of clean hydrogen daily, sparking excitement and intrigue about the future of renewable energy.

The facility will boast state-of-the-art electrolysers for green hydrogen production and vehicle refuelling infrastructure located at the former Birkshall gas storage site on Bowling Back Lane, Bradford. Distribution partner Ryze is on board to deliver hydrogen to regional industrial clients.

This initiative is a game-changer, having secured funding through the government's Hydrogen Production Business Model. Upon completion, it is projected to eliminate emissions equivalent to 800 diesel-powered buses per day, marking a significant stride towards decarbonising West Yorkshire's transportation landscape.

Michael Hughes, director at Renewable Connections, said, "We were delighted to act as lead developer for this ambitious, low-carbon project. The Bradford hydrogen production facility will support local climate change ambitions and be a valuable boost to the economy."


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