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Aldi Unveils Innovative Tracking System to Revolutionize Flexible Plastic Recycling Processes

In a pioneering move, Aldi has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with the Flexible Plastic Fund to introduce a transformative scheme to enhance the visibility and traceability of flexible plastic packaging within the UK's recycling ecosystem.

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Aldi has implemented a cutting-edge solution to provide "full visibility" into the lifecycle of flexible plastic packaging collected from the public. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI technology known as Eco2Veritas, developed by Greenback Recycling Technologies, the retailer meticulously tracks and verifies the journey of flexible plastic materials deposited at front-of-store collection points.

This innovative system monitors the volume of flexible plastic collected at Aldi's stores. It meticulously certifies the sorting process, identifying the specific polymers and tracking the reprocessing stages leading to the creation of end products.

The recent milestone achieved by Aldi, marked by the receipt of its inaugural certificate from Eco2Veritas, underscores the tangible impact of this collaborative effort. Aldi sets a precedent for responsible waste management practices in the retail sector, with 62 tonnes of in-scope polypropylene and 25 tonnes of in-scope polypropylene successfully recycled.

Anthony Meadows, chief digital officer at Greenback, hailed the collaboration as "an important first step in making hard-to-recycle plastics circular in the UK".

"We developed eco2Veritas to incentivise recycling and to bring trust and transparency to drive the circular economy," he said.

Supported by the Flexible Plastic Fund, this ambitious recycling transparency project seeks to address the inherent challenges of recycling flexible plastics. Recognising the lower recycling rates and logistical hurdles, the initiative aims to catalyse recycling infrastructure improvements and drive greater plastic usage circularity.

Aldi's dedication to combating plastic waste is further exemplified by its participation in the Flexible Plastic Fund, which rewards the certification of recycled flexible plastic with funding. Established in 2021 by leading plastic packaging producers such as Mars, Mondelez International, Nestle, PepsiCo, and Unilever, the FPF has garnered support from additional industry players, including Ella's Kitchen, Ocado Retail, and Abel & Cole.

Luke Emery, plastic and packaging director at Aldi UK, said the supermarket was "committed to tackling plastic waste".

"We know this is an issue that matters to our customers too, which is why we're working with the Flexible Plastic Fund to improve further the recycling of flexible plastics collected in our stores," he said.


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