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Select and Zenobē Team Up to Provide Clean Power Solutions for Construction Sites

Construction plant hire company Select has announced a groundbreaking partnership with energy storage specialist Zenobē. This collaboration aims to supply construction sites across the UK with clean power using refurbished electric bus batteries, providing a sustainable alternative to fossil-fuel-powered generators.

Select, a subsidiary of the construction giant Laing O'Rourke, will supply 20 portable batteries from Zenobē. These batteries will serve as temporary power sources, significantly reducing the reliance on diesel generators.

Each refurbished battery unit can store approximately 150kWh of energy. Additionally, these units can connect to the local grid, making them versatile for a variety of applications, such as construction operations, lifting solutions, and electric vehicle (EV) charging.

This new partnership with Zenobē represents a significant milestone for Select as it progresses towards achieving net-zero operational emissions by 2030. Furthermore, this initiative will assist clients in the construction industry meet their net-zero targets, aligning with broader sustainability goals.

By leveraging second-life batteries, Select and Zenobē are not only promoting environmental sustainability but also spearheading innovation in the construction sector, showcasing a practical and impactful approach to reducing carbon footprints.

"Our collaboration with Zenobē represents another pivotal moment in our journey to redefining the future of energy storage in the construction industry," said Select's product lead, Ian Fleming. "It emphasises Select's commitment to innovation, sustainability solutions and resilience, setting a new standard for the industry and empowering a cleaner, more reliable construction landscape."

Zenobē's co-founder and director Steven Meersman welcomed the new partnership, adding that the portable batteries will provide Select with "a ready and proven solution for their customers to decarbonise their projects".

"Our flexible funding and technical support provide the technological and sustainability benefits without the need of ownership," he added. "Having already been used in the film, events, and logistics industries to much success, we are looking forward to seeing them becoming a regular sight, providing clean and reliable power to construction projects around the country."

The news came after Zenobē announced last week that it had secured a major financial boost following the completion of a £410m financing deal with a consortium of investors to support the rollout of its battery and energy storage facilities across the UK.


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