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Gett's Black Cab Service Joins Forces with Octopus Energy to Launch Innovative EV Charging Initiative

Innovative Partnership Between Gett and Octopus Energy Boosts EV Charging Options for Black Cab Drivers in London

In a notable collaboration, Gett, the renowned black cab application, has joined forces with Octopus Energy. This strategic alliance aims to revolutionize the charging experience for London's electric taxi drivers who are part of the Gett platform.

Revealed just yesterday, this partnership is set to introduce convenient and affordable electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for an impressive fleet of over 4,000 electric taxis operating in the city. The initiative is not merely about enhanced access to charging facilities. It goes a step further by offering substantial charging discounts, financial credits, and even marked-down prices on home charging units for those drivers who are actively engaged with Gett.

Harjit Dhami, the Global Head of Procurement at Gett, elaborated on the immense benefits of this partnership. He highlighted that it would enable drivers to tap into a vast network of nearly 9,000 public charging points across London. This extensive accessibility is anticipated to reduce the downtime that black cab drivers often face significantly.

"The number of e-black cabs has been growing steadily over the past few years, and we are keen to play our part in accelerating the transition to a 100 percent electric future," he added.

Furthermore, Octopus Energy is taking a proactive approach by committing to install charging stations directly at the residences of cab drivers who opt for the Octopus Go tariff. This tariff is part of their specialized EV smart charging suite. In an intriguing twist, drivers who are already Octopus Energy customers will be presented with an innovative option. They can seamlessly integrate their payments made at Octopus Electroverse charging points directly with their home energy bills.

This partnership marks a stride forward in supporting the EV infrastructure in London, making it a win-win situation for drivers and the broader push towards sustainable urban transportation.

Matt Davies, director of Octopus Electroverse, said the deal would "transform EV charging for thousands of electric taxis."

"We're making it even easier and cheaper for London's iconic black cabs to go electric - an integral part of green mobility in the UK's capital," he said.


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