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Bonnet EV Charging Platform Secures £3M & Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Bonnet banks £3 million and is now utilising crowdfunding via CrowdCrube as a means to further the financial support of their campaign.

An aggregate of EV charging points based in London, Bonnet, was successful in obtaining a new funding of £3 million from its current investors (GV, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and 20VC) as well as from other investors associated with TIER Mobility, Wise, and Deliveroo.

Bonnet Ltd has now made it official - they are offering crowdfunders the possibility of owning a stake in the company. The company has been running for a few weeks, and the response has been incredible with over £600,000 being raised through its loyal community.

Altogether, the new investment is looking to accelerate growth. To this end, Bonnet plans to widen its presence in both the United Kingdom and Continental Europe, and also introduce a range of new tools for both drivers and fleet managers.

The firm has asserted that in the past quarter it has more than doubled its coverage in Europe and attests to having 200,000 charging points on its network.

In 2021, Patrick Reich and Eliot Makabu established Bonnet with the aim of tackling a major concern of those transitioning to electric vehicles: "What if I run out of power?" Their platform provides people with a comprehensive list of options and locations of charging spots, all gathered in one app that provides real-time data.

However, discovering a recharging station is only the first step. The UK has a variety of different charging networks, each with its own payment system. Bonnet provides a single, unified payment system that is compatible with all of these providers.

Reich stated that since the start of Bonnet, communication with and discussion of their driver base has been at the heart of how the service was created, and they are delighted that their users will now be able to have a genuine part in Bonnet and its future with the crowdfunding campaign.

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