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  • Tax Benefits: up to 50% Income Tax Relief, 45% Loss Relief, 0% Inhentrintence Tax & Capital Gains Tax

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The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a series of UK government schemes launched in 1994 to help smaller trading companies raise finance, by offering a range of tax reliefs to investors who purchase new shares in those companies.

Income Tax Relief 

A £100,000 investment could provide a £30,000 saving on that year’s income tax bill. To claim this, you must have sufficient income tax liability in the first place and hold the shares for at least three years.

Loss Relief 

If things don’t go to plan, you can choose to offset any loss, less the income tax relief received, against your income tax bill. So, an additional-rate taxpayer could effectively reduce a total loss of £1 to 38.5p.

Inheritance Tax Relief

An investment in an EIS-qualifying company should benefit from 100% relief from inheritance tax, provided the investment is held for two years and at the time of death.

Tax Free Growth

You normally pay no CGT when realising EIS shares, if you have claimed income tax relief on them and the companies still qualify. 

Capital Gains deferral 

If you have realised a taxable gain (e.g. by selling investments or a second home) and invest the proceeds in an EIS, you can defer the capital gain for as long as the money stays invested. You can defer gains of any size, made up to three years before and one year after the EIS investment.

"According to a report that analysed stock market data, investments in green energy have generated returns of 75.4% over 5 years"

- 2020

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