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The next generation of earth-friendly solar power & green OLED tech.

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  • Approved by HMRC for EIS

  • EIS Tax Benefits: up to 30% Income Tax Relief, 45% Loss Relief, 0% Capital Gains Tax & Inheritance Tax 

  • Own shares in Organic Solar Cell company with record-breaking efficiency

  • Green Energy & Cleantech support UK Governments Clean Growth Strategy 

  • Spin-out from leading research university

  • Organic Solar Cell & Green OLED Tech with huge potential

  • Patents held

  • Technology team lead by world-renowned and ex Motorola Nano Scientist, Dr. Franky So.

  • £10,000 Minimum Investment

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The company has received Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Advance Assurance from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) which allows investors to claim EIS Tax Relief.  

  • Up to 30% Income Tax Relief

  • Up to 45% Loss Relief

  • 0% Capital Gains Tax

  • 0% Inheritance Tax 

Earth-Friendly Solar Power

Replaces existing solutions fabricated using expensive finite pollutant materials with earth-friendly biopolymers.

Organic Solar Cell

Transparency, Flexibility

& Robustness

Replaces traditional solar cells, which are brittle, opaque, heavy and rigid. The technology is robust and can be applied to flexible surfaces whilst maintaining transparency.

Multiple Applications

Unique physical properties open the potential for a multitude of real-world applications, making the limitless solar power source more usable and cost-effective than ever before.

"Research and development into nanotechnology have significant implications for almost every industry. With the market expected to reach a staggering $75.8 billion by 2020, this micro-scale industry is producing macro returns for savvy investors."

Investing News - 2019

Earth-Friendly Materials

The technology uses earth-friendly renewable compounds, whereas existing technology uses rare earth metals.

Green OLED Technology

Low Voltage

Low drive voltage, approximately half of what is required for phosphorescent OLEDs, results in a longer lifetime and energy saving.

OLED Market

The technology has the possibility of replacing the entire OLED emitter market with earth-friendly materials and breakthrough nanotechnology.

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"According to a report that analysed stock market data, investments in green energy have generated returns of 75.4% over 5 years"

- 2020

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