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The Sustainable Network is a global recruitment, funding and innovation platform for start-ups, businesses and inventors to connect with financing and innovation partners, recruit executive & non-executive directors, advisers and consultants that share the same mission of building a sustainable future.


We connect all kinds of sustainable companies to sources of funding. From start-ups looking for angel investors, venture capital, SME lenders and Government grants to senior debt and project financing for well-established organisations.


Join our community of impact investors and joint venture partners to gain access to exclusive deal flow aligned with your social, environmental and financial goals.


Join our network of ethical inventors and supercharge innovation with valuable knowledge and funding from industry-leading investors, advisers and corporations, unlocking the multiplier effect of collaboration and innovation.


Start-ups and businesses looking to recruit executive & non-executive directors, consultants and advisers can search the network or have our platform make suggestions. Candidates can search and find appointments suited to your desires or have our platform make personalised recommendations.

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To be eligible to receive information and discuss any project or opportunity offered, all prospective investors will need to categorise themselves accordingly by qualifying as either Professional, Certified High Net Worth Individuals or Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor. 


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